Self Improvment
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The Art of Improv, the Principles of Business

If you only know improv through comedy, it's a great (and fun!) place to start. Those who study the art of improv, however, know that it's a life philosophy that can lead to authentic experiences, deep connections and productive businesses. 

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Self improvment (self im-PROV-muh nt) is where practice meets execution, where personal perspective and group agenda works in harmony and where freedom thrives within boundaries.



Workshops are fun, immersive and chock-full of immediately applicable principles and information. But you also get the "slow-burn" lessons, too...that's because Self-Improvment is practice + execution. There's always more to learn, always more to uncover and always ways to improve.


Say Yes (Here's Why)...

'Yes' isn't about simple affirmation or a positive response. It's a foundational strategy that turns failure into gifts, roadblocks into opportunity and individual "quirks" into assets.

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Clients are Saying...

"Sarah led a workshop for our team that helped us get more comfortable with each other. In addition to being a ton of fun, it was productive and worthwhile! People left feeling more at ease, more willing to take a risk, and more connected to each other."

Heather Whaling, President, Geben Communication

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