Self Improvment
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Hi, I'm Sarah...

sarah j storer corporate improv workshops

...and I fell head over heels in love with improv when I took my first class in 2004. 

There was something about the freedom I felt when I learned to access my "me-est me" and got rewarded for it. It was performance that felt authentic, joyful and so very now, and I was hooked. 

In 2008, I earned my Master's degree in Marketing and Communication and quickly began to see the endless connections between the art of improv and good business. Fast forward to the present and I'm just as hooked on sharing how improv can change a life or transform a business as I am with performing.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but, Improv, I can't seem to quit you.


Why Self Improvment?

I began Self Improvment when I realized that all the best lessons I've learned in life, the wisest advice I've heard (or given!) and the times I act as the most authentic version of me are all due to the principles of improv.

Improv is more than just being quick-witted on stage (though that feels awesome, too). It is a philosophy that has infinite applications and tie-ins, and it's fluid enough so you don't sound like a pompous asshat trying to impose your own rules for living on others. In fact, one of my teachers was fond of giving feedback that often sounded a little like this: "That was a moment. You either felt it or you didn't." 

Self Improvment is never about a list of rules, do's and don'ts or even failures or successes. That may make it sound like we're all pounding some bongos in a hippie trance circle, but, despite the lack of checklist, it's not quite so soft.

Instead, Self Improvment is about having a framework that allows you to be fully present in the moment, react with honesty to your circumstances and create deeper connections with others. It's about being agile, about reading context and using what you have in the moment.

And usually it's pretty fun living like this, too. 

So, let's talk about this thing called improv more. I get a little giddy about it, so I hope you'll enjoy what I've learned (and am still learning!) along with me.

Oh! And here's a little more about me:

sarah j storer improv workshops

When I'm not teaching or facilitating workshops, I'm performing with my group, Hashtag Comedy, writing ridiculous songs about The Bachelor or doing my most favorite thing in the whole world: belting at the top of my lungs with the most talented people I know in TBD: the Improvised Musical (select Fridays. You should come. #promo)


Who You Are

You're a business that cares about what you do and the people who help you do it.

You might wear a suit and tie to work, or a hard hat and work boots. Your office might be full of cubes or be a multi-floor work space. You might be part of a workforce of thousands or an army of ten. 

All that to say, Self Improvment corporate improv workshops for your team, office or workplace are as adaptive as you need them to be. I've worked with some of the biggest names in the country (you know, the ones with the jingles that get stuck in your head), as well as small to mid size business who are killing it in their industry. Group size has been as small as six, all the way up to over 100. 

Teams have been rough and tumble tree experts, to suit-and-tie financial all that to say, if it sounds at all like your team could benefit from a fun, immersive experience that has some serious, right-then-and-there (and beyond) business application, then you've come to the right place. So let's get talking.